New Hampshire Rivers Management and Protection Program

Souhegan River Nomination


  1. Natural Resources
  1. Managed Resources
  1. Impoundments

List all of the dams which are present in the river, including any dams which are breached or in ruins. Identify their location, ownership, and purpose (i.e., flood control, low flow augmentation, or storage). Also indicate whether minimum flow requirements exist at any of the impoundments, if known. Include any proposals for new or reconstructed dams; indicate that this is a proposed dam by placing an asterisk (*) next to the name of the dam. Do not include existing or proposed dams which are used for hydroelectric energy production. These will be listed separately in the managed resources category.

Name of Dam Location Ownership Purpose Minimum
Flow Req.?
Souhegan River New Ipswich Warwick Mills
Souhegan River III New Ipswich Otis Company (inactive)
Souhegan River Greenville Greenville Elderly Housing
Souhegan River IV Greenville Oil Recovery Systems (inactive)
Souhegan River VI Greenville PSNH (inactive)
Souhegan River Wilton Gould Leech Trust
Souhegan River III Wilton Label Arts
Souhegan River Wilton Label Arts
Goldman Dam Milford Town
McLane Dam Milford Town
Souhegan River Merrimack Pennichuck Water Works
  1. Water Withdrawals and Discharges
  1. List any significant water withdrawals from the river, including withdrawals for public drinking water, industry, and agriculture. Identify the purpose (e.g., irrigation) and location of the withdrawal. Indicate if the river has been identified in a state, regional, or local study as a potential source of water supply and, if so, identify the study.

Pennichuck Water Works historically withdrew water for public supply from 1965-1984 and maintains the right to with draw water in the future. In addition to those listed below, there are five hydropower withdrawals registered with NHDES that are indicated in the hydropower section.

Withdrawal Purpose Location Potential Source? (ID Study)
Amherst Country Club irrigation Amherst
Souhegan Woods Golf Club irrigation Amherst
  1. List all known surface water and potential discharges to the river and identify the source, type (e.g., industrial wastewater) and location of the discharge. Indicate whether the discharge has been permitted by the state (yes or no).
Point Source Discharge Type Location Permit?
Greenville WWTF wastewater Greenville yes
Souhegan Wood Products non-contact cooling waters Wilton yes
Hitchner Manufacturing non-contact cooling waters Milford yes
Milford WWTF wastewater Milford yes
Harcros Chemicals non-contact cooling waters Merrimack yes
  1. Hydroelectric Resources

List all known existing or potential (as cited in the NH River Protection and Energy Development Project -- Final Report; New England Rivers Center, 1983) sites of hydroelectric power production. Record the owner, location and whether the site is regulated or exempt from regulation by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Hydroelectric Facility Owner Location FERC
regulated or exempt?
Waterloom Pond Dam Alden Greenwood New Ipswich regulated
Otis Dam Alden Greenwood Greenville regulated
Souhegan River III Chamberlin Falls Hydro Greenville regulated
Pine Valley Mill Winslow MacDonald Wilton regulated
  1. Cultural Resources
  1. Recreational Resources
  1. Other Resources