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Distinctions and Disgraces

On this page we will periodically let you know about events and activities that happen along the Souhegan River. Some deserve distinction, while others set a bad example. If you learn about something happening along the river deserving of recognition, please sent me email at

Thumbs Up Thanks to Milford kayaker Bob Edmonds and Bob and George May for removing several big trees that have blocked the left side of the island downstream of Kaley Park for several years. That channel is now open.

Thumbs Up Congratulations and thanks to all of the SWA volunteer water quality monitors for the hours of effort they put in collecting samples every other Tuesday morning from June to September.

Thumbs Up Thanks also to all of the SWA volunteers for helping the hundreds of schoolkids release their classroom raised salmon fry into the Souhegan and Piscataquog Rivers from April to June.

Thumbs Up Hopefully the reconstruction of the roadway over Highbridge in New Ipswich will provide a parking/viewing spot for visitors who would like to view the largest dry stone bridge in the state at the intersection of Rtes 123 & 124.

Thumbs Up Thanks to all those who clean up the Horseshoe in Wilton and the Amherst Canoeport on Boston Post Road in Amherst on occasion. We know there are lots of folks out there who do local river cleanups on a regular basis. We thank these river stewards and look forward to working with them to protect and preserve the Souhegan River.

Thumbs Down Thumbs down for the several attempts to riprap eroding riverbanks in the meandering sections of the Souhegan in Amherst and Merrimack. The river is best preserved in its natural state whenever possible.

Thumbs Down Thumbs down for homeowners dumping leaves and brush over the bank. Besides being unsightly and illegal, decaying organic matter robs the river of its dissolved oxygen.

Thumbs Up Thumbs up to the City of Nashua for replacing the Jackson Falls Dam behind the library with state of the art bladder-controlled flashboards - and providing a good example for the Pawtucket Dam and the City of Lowell.

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