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Adopt-A-Salmon Family

Souhegan Salmon Release Programs

Salmon release Students throughout the Merrimack Watershed raise baby salmon in classroom aquariums as an education component of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Adopt-A-Salmon Family program. Virtually all of these salmon are released into the Souhegan River because it is an ideal habitat for salmon. Students like these release their fish late in the spring before school gets out at various places along the Souhegan.

The SWA initiated the program in the Milford Middle School in 1998. The SWA aids with the releasing of the fish in the springtime. This picture shows some of the students releasing salmon on the Souhegan.

Schools Stocking The Souhegan With Salmon

A number of New England schools release their classroom-raised salmon into the Souhegan River in West Milford, NH, during the months of May and June.

The children are part of the Adopt A Salmon Family Program sponsored by US Fish & Wildlife, which is responsible for reintroducing Atlantic Salmon to the Merrimack River and its tributaries. The Souhegan River is considered one of the most productive for salmon habitat.

Volunteer help is usually needed when the classes arrive at the river. Informaiton for volunteers will be available here at that time.

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