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The Souhegan Watershed Association

News release For the last 20 plus years the Souhegan Watershed Association has been testing the water quality of the entire length of the Souhegan River and the stretch of the Merrimack River between Manchester and Tyngsborough. The program is being suspended this summer. We may reopen when virus conditions improve. People that have been relying on our information for E. coli results should pay attention to the weekly information reports on the website ( to get a feel for current water quality. There are over 20 years of data listed on the website. Keep especially in mind that heavy rains raise the E. coli levels almost always for a three day period and that the Souhegan River is more impacted than the larger Merrimack River. Happy summer; stay healthy.

Information for Souhegan Watershed Association water testing volunteers is available here.

If you would like to receive occasional emails on what is going on around the Souhegan River, contact to be put on the SWA mailing list.

Kayaking? Stay tuned here and on Facebook (Souhegan Watershed Association) for any free, guided kayaking trips coming up. You may also post trips that you'd like or planning on on Facebook site.

These pages present the Souhegan Watershed Association. The SWA is organized by people who live along the Souhegan River in southern New Hampshire. They work to improve and maintain the environmental quality and the cultural, economic and scenic diversity of the Souhegan River and its watershed. The goals of the SWA are

  • To protect and improve the water quality and quantity of the Souhegan River system.
  • To educate the public about environmental issues pertinent to the health of the Souhegan River Wateshed.
  • To support the continuing utilization of the Souhegan River for multiple uses.

Summer Scene The Souhegan Watershed Association began in 1995 with the mission of speaking for the river without regard for town or state boundaries. It is a non-profit 501-c3 charitable organization. The SWA has been active in sponsoring canoe trips along the river, in water quality monitoring, in sponsoring river cleanups, in obtaining conservation- protected land and creating trails along the river. SWA has published information about the river through a Green Guide and participated in a comprehensive river management plan. SWA maintains connections with other local watershed associations and works cooperatively with them.

The Souhegan Watershed includes parts of the towns of Amherst, Greenfield, Greenville, Lyndeborough, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mont Vernon, New Ipswich, Temple, and Wilton New Hampshire, and also Ashby and Ashburnham, Massachussetts. The river is about 35 miles long and it is used for water supplies, hydropower, and recreation. There are also 28 threatened or endangered species sharing the watershed with 35,000 people.

The Souhegan River is included in the New Hampshire Rivers Management Protection Program. The contents of the nomination form used in 1999 to apply for entry in the program is available here.

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